Saturday, July 23, 2011

on weeding our book collection (post 5 of ?)

We have, in our new place, six book-only bookcases. Three are mine (one five-shelf, one two-shelf, and one three-shelf), two Russell's, and one shared.

The last part of my pre- and post-move weeding and book organization project has been to get my LibraryThing library updated.

So far I've input (or updated the entries for) all the books housed in my two smaller, glass-front bookcases.

I first posted these photos in May (here) so the contents have altered slightly, but I thought I'd include them for illustrative purposes.

top shelf: 28 books
bottom shelf: 29 books

top shelf: 66 books
middle shelf: 30 books
bottom shelf: 38 books

I've been putting off the five-shelf case because (1) it has 5 shelves and (2) books are two deep on every shelf. I'll get to it eventually (and the books on the shared case).

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  1. I have five bookcases but luckily my boyfriend owns very few books!

    I recently put all my books on shelfari, and it is worth cataloguing them and you'll feel very satisfied when it's done :)