Saturday, January 19, 2013

my latest YA book recommendations

For most of the time that I lived in Buffalo I had a (friend and) coworker with whom I traded YA books and book recommendations.  We still keep in touch (mostly, intentionally, by hand-written letters), but we hadn't traded recommendations in quite a while.  Here is a very slightly edited version of what I emailed her yesterday about the YA fiction recently.1

Other YA books I read in the last year that I wasn't so crazy about:
See also this post.
n.b. I do love dystopian fiction, but I think I have (and continue to) over do it.  I'm sure some of these books are on this list (and not above) purely because of overstaturation.

  1. Recently in this case means all of 2012 and what I've read so far in 2013.
  2. My original comment was "meh," but Jess' response made me sufficiently embarrassed to change it.


  1. I think the problem with a lot of YA dystopian is that they are just using the setting because it's trendy and they are not really dystopian novels in the sense of the political definition. I probably don't pick up as many as before since I realised that, I definitely prefer a well thought out adult dystopian novel these days.

  2. I completely agree, though (obviously)I can't seem to resist the allure even though I know that most of them aren't going to be up to snuff.