Tuesday, January 01, 2013

new calendars for a new year

For home we have a Literary Pin-up Calendar
Illustrated by Lee Moyer, each month of the calendar will feature a different fantasy author, detailing one of their characters, or offering an homage to their work.

All proceeds from the project go to Worldbuilders in support of Heifer International.
Russell discovered this particular calendar online this past fall and I allowed as how he could order a copy provided he get one for my dad as well. As expected, Dad got a huge kick out of it when he unwrapped it on Christmas morning.

For the office, I picked up The Reading Woman Calendar (50% off at our local Barnes and Noble) yesterday.
In addition to twelve paintings by European artists — including Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Otto Franz Scholderer, and Théo van Rysselberghe — this calendar contains twelve quotes that celebrate the love of reading.
I was planning on getting one of those family or mom's calendars, since the one I had last year worked out so well for keeping track of everyone in our department.  This particular calendar's theme was just too perfect for us so I decided to go with it even though it is a standard monthly wall calendar.  However, I did pick up a weekly calendar to use in conjunction with it.

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