Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Siri Hustvedt

Powells' blog has an interesting interview with Siri Hustvedt, who has a new book out, The Summer without Men, her fifth novel. While I have to admit that I enjoy some of the typical author-interview questions (like "what are you reading now?"), I'm pleased that Jill Owens cultivated a substantive conversation with Hustvedt.

Now, I've been meaning to read Siri Hustvedt for some time. She's married to Paul Auster (brilliance by association?) and a former coworker with very good taste in books recommended her to me.

I don't think I want to start with The Summer without Men though despite the fact that I'm particularly intrigued by the character Mr. Nobody and with Mia's synesthesia after reading this interview. Maybe What I Loved or The Sorrows of an American? The Enchantment of Lily Dahl? And The Shaking Woman (not a novel) is supposed to be good.
Any suggestions, dear readers?

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