Thursday, August 10, 2006

book buying

I'm not really supposed to be buying books for myself because I am swimming in TBR (to be read) books, but (being the bibliophile and bookaholic that I am) it's kind of impossible for me not to slip every once in a while.

Yesterday I ordered Andy Pruitt's Complete Medical Guide for Cyclists.
It's gotten rave reviews over on the Team Estrogen forums and, well, I can't begrudge myself a reference book, can I? :)

I also ordered another book along with it,
but I won't give the details here because I'm planning on using it in an upcoming themed book swap (again, if you don't know what a swap is, check out the SWAP FAQ).


  1. Let me know if you find good stuff in that cycling book, and if I'll need a copy. Did I tell you I'm going to talk to my gym owner about training to teach spin?

  2. I'll definitely let you know.

    That's awesome news about training to teach spin. I've never taken a class. I guess what I need to do is decide that paying for a gym membership is a good use of my money.

    In somewhat related news, R and I just got clipless pedals for our bikes (and snazzy Shimano shoes too! (from Nashbar)). We're going to test 'em out this weekend. :)

  3. I have Specialized shoes and we bought -- from Nashbar -- the pedals on one side and clipless on the other. That way, we don't HAVE to have the shoes on to bike (you know, like when we have the kids with us).

    I need to talk to the gym owner, still, before it's official, but I don't see why he wouldn't train me. I'm not like the last woman who he trained, only to watch her jump ship as soon as she had the cert!