Sunday, December 05, 2010

5 december

I discovered this item when it was mentioned as a gift idea for knitters in a newsletter from Y2Knit. It might be a good gift for the reader in your life as well, particularly if they like to read in bed or while traveling.

eGear LED Ear Light

The eGear LED Ear Light weighs only one ounce and fits snugly behind your ear, illuminating your work or your reading without disturbing others. The angle of the beam adjusts easily so that you can point the light where it's needed. Energy-efficient LEDs are unbreakable and don't need replacing. Two lithium cell batteries provide approximately 16 hours of light and are easy to replace when needed. The light can be easily and comfortably worn even when wearing eyeglasses.

You can get it from Y2Knit, as well as quite a number of other places (according to Google) including Amazon, Essential Gear, and REI.

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