Friday, December 17, 2010

17 december

Another, but completely different kind of book lamp that I happened across at Uncommon Goods. (I featured a book lamp on the 9th)

Book Rest Lamp

If you feel right at home in a good book, then this is the lamp for you! Designed with the simple, geometric outline of a house, the lamp's low-heat internal CFL bulb provides your favorite reading spot with a warm glow. When you have to tear yourself away from your book, simply lay it face down on the lamp and it becomes a literary rooftop--and instant night light. Not only does it save your page, but it playfully incorporates your love of reading right into your room’s decor.


  1. Oh, dear... Now I can't tear myself away from Uncommon Goods! How much do you *love* the Book Frames, too? I think I'll have to try and make my own and cover all my walls with them... At least at work :)

  2. UncommonGoods is one of my favorite catalogs to receive - lots of neat stuff in there!