Thursday, December 16, 2010

16 december

Knitting for a reader...

Aemelia Book Cover

Named after Aemilia Lanyer, a 17th Century English poet, the book cover is perfect for hiding the covers of mass market titles we aren't always willing to admit that we read.

I've wanted to knit this pattern from the moment I first saw a photo on the designer's blog in October. It was published in the Holiday Gifts issue of Interview Knits. Now, I subscribe to Interview, but Holiday Knits is a special issue that's not included in the subscription so I had to run off to Jo-Ann (armed with a coupon) to get myself a copy.

I wanted to knit one for my mom. And when my lunchtime knitting group decided to do a secret exchange I thought it was just the thing that my partner would like. Today was our lunch and gift exchange so I can finally post about Aemelia (my mom doesn't read this blog so I'm not worried about accidentally spoiling anything for her).

Aemelia is a quick knit (love the decorative panel!), but swatching and blocking are imperative. More of my notes on the pattern (and project photos) are available on Ravelry.

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