Sunday, December 19, 2010

19 december

Today's gift suggestion is another Etsy find.

Custom Bookshelf Painting

Get the reader in your life a voucher for a painting from The Ideal Bookshelf. The image above is from one of the etsy listings, which includes images of other custom paintings she's done for people.

There are four basic options for custom paintings
- 8x8 inches featuring up to 7 books for $160
- 8x10 featuring up to 10 books for $220
- 8x10 featuring up to 15 books for $300
- 9x12 featuring up to 22 books for $400
and the artist is open to special requests.

If you like the idea, but can't afford the custom price tag, there are lots of prints ($20-$60) available in the etsy shop. I particularly like Ideal Bookshelf 97: IS, Ideal Bookshelf 8: ST, and Ideal Bookshelf 56: JT (love the addition of the hat!).

You can read more about the artist and why she likes painting books on her website.

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