Tuesday, December 11, 2012

a fire in the library

Or rather a fireplace in the library...

I crafted this fireplace yesterday (on my day off) as a special surprise for my coworker. Since we moved into the new office, she's thought that this wall was in need of a fireplace.

The obscenely (and unnecessarily) large box in which Target sent my recent order (sliced in half and stacked upon itself) was the basis of the fireplace itself. Other materials used were to-be-recycled office paper (to cover box and for the grill), an old file folder (for the non-red flames), wrapping paper (for the red flames), and a used Priority Mail mailer (for the logs and structure for the fire), as well as tape (packing, scotch, and double-sided), markers, a pencil, scissors, and a box cutter.

The stockings are my family's stash of guest stockings. They were crocheted by my paternal grandmother.

My desktop Dalek has joined a few knit items holding court on the mantle until we receive enough holiday cards to crowd them out.


  1. It's absolutely the sweetest thing and so very clever.

  2. Thanks. It made me happy. It made her happy. And, so far the others who've noticed it have gotten a kick out of it.

  3. Very creative, Karen! I love it! :)

  4. What a wonderful suprise and so creative - quite a lot of work, too, no doubt. I am sure that your colleague was thrilled with the holiday cheer and the cosy addition to the office!