Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Russell can't stay away... from Borders

Yes, Russell went back to Borders yesterday.

He called me during my lunch break keen on going after work. I was a bit perplexed by his enthusiasm as the prices hadn't dropped since the last time we'd been to the store. Apparently, though, shoppers get deeper discounts on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. I had no desire to fight the crowds to I sent him off on his own, but gave him a little list (arranged by department) of books I wanted annotated with their current Amazon prices.

He came home with three books (one of these was Shades of Grey for me), a DVD set, and a case of buyer's remorse compounded by sticker shock.

In his defense, he saw an (intentionally) misleading flyer on the Borders website (see above), which is still up as I type this.1 Customers shopping on Monday did not get an additional 10% off on items, not even items from the specific departments listed. Russell brought something from the politics area (listed) and it was 46% off. Not 40% (regular discount), not 50% (regular discount + 10), but 46% off (?). Everything else he got was at the regular departmental discount (25 or 30%). So, he thought he was going to be getting a much better deal on all this than he actually did.

Now he's sworn off Borders... at least until the discounts are 50%-.
  1. There's more than what's shown in the image above, but I figured I'd just show the relevant section.

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