Friday, September 25, 2009

Frank Lloyd Wright: the Interactive Portfolio

With the Frank Lloyd Wright's Buffalo Venture: from the Larkin Building to Broadacre City exhibit opening at the UB Anderson Gallery on October 3rd it seemed appropriate to feature something related to Frank Lloyd Wright for September's book of the month for the student services blog.

Frank Lloyd Wright: the Interactive Portfolio by Margo Stipe

The Interactive Portfolio is a unique book that focuses both on Wright's personal and professional life. The author utilizes material from the Frank Lloyd Wright archives (as well as copious photographs) to engage readers, bringing Wright's work to life.

You don't read The Interactive Portfolio, you experience it. It contains facsimiles of drawings and letters that can be removed, giving readers the sense of working with primary source documents. These items are so realistic-looking that the letters even have rust stains from the paperclips that once held them together.

The book also includes an audio CD, entitled "Frank Lloyd Wright speaks" that includes excerpts from interviews and lectures that took place in the 1950s.

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