Sunday, August 23, 2009

Overnight Male

Overnight Male by Elizabeth Bevarly

I mentioned in this post attending a session at the Society of American Archivists meeting that featured a presentation on sex and sexuality in archives fiction. After the session I requested a couple of the books mentioned in it from BookMooch. There were quite a number of books mentioned in the presentation, but only two were available through the book-trading site.

First up, the romantic suspense novel, Overnight Male...

Overnight Male is the 3rd (and presumably final) book in Elizabeth Bevarly's OPUS* series (after You've Got Male and Express Male), in which the protagonist, one Lila Moreau, finally meets a man who she's able to love.

Lila Moreau, codename She-wolf, is one of OPUS's preeminent agents. She's on the tail of Adrian Padgett, once an OPUS agent himself, who is the single biggest threat to national and international security. She has a plan to take him down on her own until she realizes that OPUS wants her on a short leash: she'll have to work hand in hand with her new partner, Joel Farraday, an OPUS archivist.
And, from their first meeting sexual tension abounds.

I'm not sure, though, if Joel is really an archivist. In Bevarly's world archivists seem to be behind-the-scenes analysts, not those in charge of preserving the records of OPUS.

Overnight Male isn't all that great from a suspense standpoint (the final standoff, if it can even be called that, between the OPUS operatives and Adrian is anti-climatic at best), but it does excel in the romance arena. I think the finale would be even more satisfying for readers who have followed Lila's adventures through the two earlier novels.

* Office for Political Unity and Security

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