Sunday, July 30, 2006

cool bookrest

The "Peeramid"

I had never seen these before my trip to Cleveland earlier this month. It's the neatest thing: a cross between a pillow and a bookrest. I was so intrigued that I had to buy one (I got the orange suede, though I was pretty close to picking up the one pictured here).

Now that I've tested it out, I can say that it's especially good for hardcover books and that the tassel makes a great cat toy.

I'm definitely gettting one for my mom for Christmas... it's "the perfect gift for a nomadic reader" (the tag says something along those lines).

Go to the Peeramid website to learn more about this unique bookrest.


  1. There you go again... do you have an orange fetish or something??? :D

  2. Orange gets a bum rap...
    It's definitely one of my favorite colors, though. ;)

  3. Spike claims it as one of his, too.

    I like orange... so long as I don't try to wear it. The color OR the fruit. *wink*