Sunday, October 02, 2011

on into October

I should begin this post by explaining why I haven't been posting regularly. The short answer is that I've been busy and tired. Starting a new job1 is exhausting and I have to admit that I've worn myself out trying to post as regularly as I think I should. As you can tell from my sidebar, I have been reading, I just haven't been posting about all the books that I've read. I do intend to post on many of the unreviewed books, but it'll take me some time to get to all the ones on my list.

October is going to be the craziest month of the year for me for the foreseeable future. My new employer runs lots of special events in October. And when I say "lots," I mean lots: the biggest event runs on 21 nights in October and there are three other every-weekend events. I didn't work this weekend, but I'm on special-event duty every other weekend this month (next weekend, I'm working Saturday, Sunday, and Columbus Day). So, don't expect a lot of posts in October. I suspect that I'll be falling asleep over books more often than not.

I've also been neglecting a writing project so I will be intentionally limiting my time spent on the blog for a few months after October. I'll still be posting, just not as much, because I desperately need to focus on this other project.

Just wanted to let you all know what's going on...
  1. These past six months have flown by, but I'm still very much learning the lay of the land and figuring out how to best navigate these new waters


  1. You've got a much better excuse than me, I've just fallen out of my routine! Hope October doesn't wear you out too much.

  2. Sounds like you've been busy! I think that blogging should be a fun hobby, so you shouldn't pressurise yourself to review every book you read, or keep up with commenting, or post to a schedule. That just sucks all of the fun right out of it.

  3. Take care, do what you need to do and no worries :)

  4. Thanks, ladies. I appreciate your kind words.