Tuesday, October 21, 2008

It Itches

This past weekend I took a trip to Rhinebeck, NY to go to the New York Sheep and Wool Festival. Yes, I wanted to buy some yarn, see the vendors, and have a nice fall festival experience, but really I wanted to see Franklin Habit. Franklin is a photographer, cartoonist, and knitter who blogs at The Panopticon. Interweave Press just published his first book, It Itches, and Franklin was signing copies at Rhinebeck.

I'd procrastinated about pre-ordering the book so I was happy when I'd heard that there'd be a signing at Rhinebeck. So on Saturday I picked up a copy of the book and got to meet Franklin in the flesh. He was super-nice (as expected) and he drew Harry (my favorite character from the blog) for me when he signed my book, which made me unbelievably happy.

It Itches by Franklin Habit

The book itself is fantastic. Full of Franklin's fantastic wit, it includes knitting-themed cartoons as well as a number of essays. Yarn may be inherently funny as he says, but it takes a special sort of person to remind us of that fact. I've been through the book a few times enjoying the cartoons (giggling over them with my mom), but I'm savoring the essays. I don't want my experience reading this book to end too soon.

Here's a Knitting Daily post that will give you a taste of Franklin. You can also see a few of the cartoons on the Interweave Press site (check "about the book" and "table of contents").

I really do think that It Itches might be the perfect gift for all the yarn-lovers on your list.

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