Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Honey Tongues

Here's a peek at a review that appeared in Library Journal this month. It should have appeared earlier, but the book got lost in the mail the first time around.

Honey Tongues by Helene Uri

As the twenty-fifth anniversary of their sewing circle-turned-supper club nears, journalist Tamara, translator Sara, teacher Eva, and homemaker Liss plan a trip to Copenhagen to celebrate. Helene Uri's second novel (published in Norway in 2002) is a glimpse into the lives of these four urban women in the six months leading up to that fateful trip. Between meal preparation and gossip, readers learn that there is much more to these women than meets the eye.

Uri (a former university professor whose first novel, De Beste Blant Oss, turned a critical eye to Norwegian academe) gets into the minds of her characters, highlighting all that is spiteful, deceitful, and naïve about them, eventually revealing the secrets, lies, and codependencies that have kept them together for all these years. The result is a novel both compelling and horrifying. Kari Dickson's adept translation eases the navigation of the complex psychological landscapes.

Read the review at Library Journal or Barnes and Noble under "editorial reviews".

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  1. ok, you sold me on the book. Going to my knitting group at B&N tonight and will look for it. Thanks