Thursday, April 24, 2008

Booking Through Thursday - Springing

Do your reading habits change in the Spring? Do you read gardening books? Even if you don’t have a garden? More light fiction than during the Winter? Less? Travel books? Light paperbacks you can stick in a knapsack?
Or do you pretty much read the same kinds of things in the Spring as you do the rest of the year?

My reading habits are pretty much the same all year round. I'm sure there may be subtle differences in my choices, but there's nothing specific that I can pin-point to answer this question. In the Spring, however, I have a strong urge to break out my folding chair and go read outside.


  1. Happy Thursday. Reading outside sounds wonderful! I have some housework to do this morning, but I think I will follow your example this afternoon. Thanks for the idea!

  2. Ditto! Habits don't change, just locale!

    Happy BTT!

  3. I don't own a folding chair but then I don't have anywhere to put it or a backyard in which to read outside. Sigh. Happy BTT.