Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Valentine's Day

I'm really not a huge fan of Valentine's Day, commercial holiday such as it is, but I did manage to share some books this year.

Russell and I weren't going exchange any gifts, but then I decided that I needed to have a sock kit from Wool Girl. So, when he found I book he's wanted for a while -- Perestroika!: Raucous Rebellion in Political Science by Kristen Renwick Monroe -- at a good price on, I got it for him.

My sister, who is not a big reader, and I usually exchange gifts. Since I'm always trying to find a book that'll get her to read, I decided to sneak The Royal Treatment, the first book in the Alaskan Royals series, in with her gift. Eureka! She loved it (we exchanged gifts early). She's already requested the other two books in the series and asked if I thought she'd like other books by MaryJanice Davidson.

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