Saturday, January 08, 2011

L.A. Candy

L.A. Candy by Lauren Conrad

I never planned to read L.A. Candy primarily because I'm snooty enough to think that celebrities with book contracts didn't get them based on the merits of their writing (which isn't to say that I haven't read books written by celebrities in the past, see post for evidence). I did read it, though, because I came across it while browsing through NYPL's ebook collection for books to read on my Nook and I have to admit that it was better than expected. This book isn't high literature by any means, but it's definitely good for a light, fluffy read.

Given the fact that Conrad has starred in two reality shows, I assume that L.A. Candy is based on her experience. I'm sure there are many people who read it trying to equate certain characters or events with things that happened on Laguna Beach and The Hills (I admit to doing a bit of that myself despite the fact that I didn't regularly watch either show), but what more interesting is the look it gives at what goes on behind the scenes. Jane is as relatable to readers as she is to the fictional viewers of the tv show (less so, though, when she gets involved with a celebrity bad boy), but many of the other character are a bit cookie-cutter. The story ends abruptly leaving no question that there's a sequel (it looks like there are three books in the series so far).

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