Wednesday, November 12, 2008

some quick reads

Cube Chic by Kelley Moore

Cube Chic is supposed to help you "take your office from drab to fab." Russell and I happened across this book quite a while ago and were intrigued by it. Recently I received a copy through BookMooch so now we've had a chance to go through it properly.

The book is primarily pictures of Moore's fully executed "cubes," basic cubicals done up in crazy thematic decorating schemes, with instructions on how to create those same looks. It's cool to look at (as a coffee-table book), but not particularly practical as almost all of the cubes are completely over-the-top and Moore doesn't really give much general advice about decorating small spaces.

Russell's favorite was the Library Cube. I like it, but think it is a tad too dark. My favorites are the Cubism Cube, the Indian Cube, and the Ice Cube (just 'cause it's cheeky). I also liked the idea of the Nap Cube.

Witch's Business by Diana Wynne Jones

Also published under the title "Wilkins' Teeth," Witch's Business is Jones' first children's novel. I liked it, but it's definitely not my favorite of hers.

The basic premise: our two main characters need to earn some money as their allowances have been docked so they start a business that specializes in "own back" (Britishism for revenge). Soon they realize that they are encroaching on an already-established own-back business run by a local witch. Chaos ensues and the children must defeat the witch in order to get things right.

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