Friday, November 07, 2008

Remember Me

It's November 7th and so far I've only finished one book this month. I have mixed feelings about Sophie Kinsella - I really dislike her Shopaholic books for a number of different reasons* but I have enjoyed a few of her others - but when a friend foisted this book off on me during her move I took it and kept it aside for when I needed a light read.

Remember Me by Sophie Kinsella

In Remember Me, 28-year-old protagonist Lexi Smart has an accident and when she wakes from a coma in the hospital she has lost all memory of the last three years of her life. Her life changed drastically in those three years. She remembers herself as overweight with frizzy hair and bad teeth, a low-level worker in a flooring company. She awakes fit and toned with perfect hair and teeth, a gorgeous millionaire husband, a job at the top of the food chain at that same company, and a reputation for being unapologetically ambitious.

Readers follow Lexi as she tries to understand her new life and what caused the drastic changes of the past few years. In typical Kinsella style there are some zany things that happen, particularly at work. There are twists and turns and we really don't know the full picture until the very end of the novel.

* Mainly because I know how easy it is to get in debt and the books really seem to trivialize the problem (yes, I know it's chick lit, but a little realism wouldn't hurt... with Becky's spending habits she should be much more in debt than she is in the book).

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