Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas and Boxing Day Books

I received a lovely bunch of books over the past few days. In fact, I feel like I'm swimming in knitting books - not that that's a bad thing ;)

Some wishlist books for Christmas:
  • Weight: The Myth of Atlas and Heracles by Jeanette Winterson (I've been trying to collect all the books in The Myths series);

  • The Best of Interweave Knits: Our Favorite Designs from the First Ten Years (I think I'm going to use some of my Christmas money to get a subscription to Interweave Knits);

  • Fitted Knits: 25 Designs for the Fashionable Knitter by Stefanie Japel (I particularly like that this book is supposed to show readers how to customize each project to his/her own unique body);

  • Knitspeak: An A to Z Guide to the Language of Knitting Patterns by Andrea Berman Price (my friend Janelle told me that this was a must-have);

  • One-Skein Wonders by Judith Durant (full of patterns that only use one ball/skein of yarn, how very practical); and

  • preordered More Big Girl Knits: 25 Designs Full of Color and Texture for Curvy Women by Jillian Moreno (I'm going to be very happy to get this next spring).
Two more knitting books that Russell picked out all on his own:I also got four books from my Boxing Day exchange partner:
  • The 3rd and 4th books in Rachel Caine's Weather Warden series: Chill Factor and Windfall (now I need book 2 lol);

  • The Royal Pain, the 2nd book in MaryJanice Davidson's Alaskan Royals series (I thought the first book was cute and have had a hard time getting my hands on the other books in the series); and

  • The Love Season by Elin Hilderbrand.
Wishing you all the very best this holiday season...


  1. If I'd known you needed Weather Warden book two... I finished Three over the summer and am waiting for Four via PBS.

    Anyway, looks like you're hooked on knitting. If you master that knitting bamboo book and can find bamboo to knit, I'll spring for it if you make me something!

  2. I can't knoit but the Knitting Lingerie and No Sheep for You books are almost enough to make me learn!