Saturday, April 13, 2013

Field Library Bookstore (Peekskill, NY)

My mom wanted to pick up some paperbacks for an upcoming trip, cheap ones that she could leave places she stops along her way without compunction.  I recommended my go-to used book store, the Field Library Book Store in Peekskill, NY.

The Field Library Bookstore is an offshoot of Peekskill's public library (Field Library, in case that's not obvious). The books (and videos, etc.) for sale at the Field Library Bookstore are a combination of items that have been withdrawn from the Field Library and those that have been donated by library patrons and bookstore customers. Russell and I donated boxes of the books we weeded from our collection and I got a huge kick out of seeing some of my books on the shelves today.

In addition to serving as a vehicle for getting rid of items that have been weeded from library collections, the Field Library Bookstore also raises funds to support the Field Library.  According to the library website, "Bookstore proceeds have so far helped the library to purchase special computer equipment and new library furnishings as well as to support children's programs and services" (Library Bookstore)

The store's prices are cheap (for this area of the country) and reasonable given that some of the books are quite well-thumbed and/or library discards. While some items are specially priced, the standard pricing is as follows: hard covers are $2, trade paperbacks $1, mass market paperbacks 50c.

While the Field Library Bookstore is heavy on fiction, it does have a few small nonfiction sections (now full of books we donated) as well as sections dedicated to children's literature, classics, coffee table books, and videos (there may be others that I've overlooked). Romance novels are housed in a separate room.  I'm sure that the organizers of the bookstore were just utilizing preexisting architectural details, but I'm not all that keen on segregating romance in this way because I think it perpetuates the idea that reading romance novels is cause for embarrassment.

The store has a few seats where shoppers can sit to more fully investigate books the are considering buying as well as a small play area for children.

While I have shopped at the Field Library Bookstore before most of our trips have involved donating books rather than purchasing them.

As for today's trip, my mom ended up with 11 mass markets as well as one trade paperback and one hard cover.  Even though I need more books like a hole in the head, I picked up some as well.

Since I've sure that the photo isn't completely clear, here's what a got (in the order in which they appear):
The Field Library Bookstore is located just around the corner from Bruised Apple Books & Music (see post), making Peekskill a great one-stop-shopping location for used books.

Field Library Bookstore
934 South Street
Peekskill, NY
Monday-Saturday, 10 am-5pm
n.b. occasionally the store is closed when it is scheduled to be open so if you are making a special trip, be sure to call ahead to check that they are indeed open

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