Sunday, February 06, 2011


- assuming [of superiority], haughty, petulant, huffy.

Yesterday I finished knitting a pair of socks. I wouldn't normally consider the socks themselves worthy of a blog post if it weren't for the yarn I used.

The Plucky Knitter's Primo MCN in the Hoity Toity colorway, which was inspired by Caroline Bingley from Pride and Prejudice. There's the literary connection.

Hoity-toity is a perfect adjective for Caroline Bingley, who is the epitome of snootiness.

I was interested to learn, however, that the meaning I've always associated with the term is its secondary one. Apparently hoity-toity can also refer to "riotous or giddy behaviour; romping, frolic; disturbance, ‘rumpus’; flightiness" (OED).

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