Saturday, July 10, 2010

Angel Landing

Angel Landing by Alice Hoffman

This unforgettable tale about the true meaning of commitment tells of a an activist and a marriage therapist couple who are so consumed with helping others that they are in danger of failing in their duty to themselves.

I started reading Angel Landing shortly after I read The Ice Queen (see post) and I have to say that I was disappointed by it (which is why I hadn't bothered to post about it earlier, but since the blog posts has been a bit sparse lately...)

The only thing I really liked about the novel was Aunt Minnie, who is only a secondary character. I found the protagonist, Natalie, problematic. I had a difficult time relating to her and I don't think her actions were at all realistic (in terms of her professional responsibilities and ethics). I also did not find her romance compelling.

I usually enjoy and appreciate Hoffman's writing, but this particular title just didn't do it for me.

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