Friday, January 29, 2010

Second Thyme Around

Second Thyme Around by Katie Fforde

For years, things have run quite smoothly for Perdita and her organic gardening business. So what if her hair needs a complete overhaul, her sweater has more holes than Swiss cheese, and there's no hope of a boyfriend on the horizon? The last thing Perdita wants is a meddlesome man in her life--but she's about to get one, in the form of her completely infuriating ex-husband, Lucas. Lucas is disagreeable, curt, arrogant, and smolderingly gorgeous. He's also the new chef at Grantly House, Perdita's number-one customer. Worse, Mr. Grantly has the insane idea of starting a television cooking show that will put Lucas and Perdita together as "The Gourmet and the Gardener." Now, things are heating up in the kitchen--and elsewhere. With the bright lights blazing and old feelings stirring the pot, it could be a recipe for disaster...or absolute delight.

Second Thyme Around is a quick, but enjoyable read. Beyond the usual chick lit hate-turned-to-romance, there's a secondary plot about the death of a loved one and the drama caused by the unexpected appearance of a long-lost relation with his eyes on the estate.

Perdita is a sympathetic character and is much less obtuse than chick lit heroines can sometimes be. Perdita's neighbor Kitty despite being a secondary character is really the star of the show. Kitty (and her storyline) adds so much depth to the novel.

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  1. I like Katie Fforde and remember enjoying this one. It's always nice to see a less-obtuse chick lit heroine!