Saturday, May 23, 2009

Aspects of Love

Aspects of Love by David Garnett

Strangely enough Aspects of Love is something I associate with my childhood and particularly my time spent in the car. My parents had seen Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical on Broadway and purchased the soundtrack, which we frequently listened to while driving as it was something my parents, sister, and I all enjoyed listening to. I was particularly enamored with the song "Love Changes Everything." My sister and I never really had a full grasp on the plot with only the musical numbers as reference so I was really pleased that I was able to pick up a copy of David Garnett's novel a few years ago. I hadn't gotten around to reading it until yesterday, but I did loan it to both my mother and sister in the meantime.

Aspects of Love is a quick read, but its story is very much the stuff of soap operas with love triangles, adultery, passionate scenes, attempted murder, and untimely death. I'm sure it made for a terrific musical, but the novel really wasn't to my taste. I did not find any of the characters particularly sympathetic and thought many parts of the plot were just a bit too much. I kept with it because it wasn't long. I wouldn't be opposed to reading another one of Garnett's novels just to see whether Aspects of Love is typical of his writing and I still do want to see a performance of the musical very much.

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  1. Oh- I saw that one on Broadway and still love the was the music that made it wonderful for me, not the story. I had never thought about the fact that there was a book!!