Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Sacred Hunger

Yesterday my friend Milan asked me what I thought of Barry Unsworth's Sacred Hunger. He'd noticed its disappearance from my "currently reading" sidebar.

Obviously I don't post about every book that I read (according to my list, I've read 45 books so far this year), but there's not always a rhyme or reason to what I do blog about and what I don't. Since he asked, though, I figured I might as well post about Sacred Hunger.

The first thing I need to admit is that I had the book as a book ring (for those of you who aren't in the know, here's a link to relevant section of the BookCrossing FAQ) and probably didn't give the book as much time as I normally would (as it was, I kept the book for just over a month).

Honestly I was a bit disappointed in Sacred Hunger, but I think that's because my expectations were too high. I expected it to be a fabulous book (Booker Prize and all). I was really intrigued by the mulatto at the beginning of the novel and the reference to the utopic community in which he was born, but I felt like I had to read so much to get to that point (especially because Sacred Hunger is not a book that you can rush through). That being sad, I thought it was a very powerful book.


  1. But I don't have kids to wrangle!

  2. Isn’t that lovely? Your friend Milan asked you about your impression and then disappears and nearly misses this post!

    I must say that I’m so sorry cause "Secret Hunger" has not fulfilled your expectation.
    With me situation is completely opposite but on the other hand I didn’t have any pre-expectation. Silly, but I just picked one of the thicker books from my shelf since I had enough time for one of those and indeed I savored it slowly… it was very, very enjoyable experience. There was chapters I was rereading more than once before continuing further.
    But strangely, for me stories in Liverpool and on the ship were much more profound than the one on Florida. I think it’s amazing how Unsworth has painted portraits, especially portraits of “England crew” (Don’t remember their names anymore, sorry) and their life style. Indeed that part might be little slow but I was really enjoying.

    Thanks for sharing your experience! And sorry for my slow reaction ...